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Rotoscoping is the process of tracing over a live-action video frame by frame. The animator will be able to produce incredibly lifelike gestures by tracking the character in the scene; this method is fairly comparable to the motion capture methods we use today. Rotoscoping is a technique for converting live-action videos into animation or for enhancing already-existing videos with special effects. The live-action video is covered with a variety of still photos, which are then placed over a background movement track to create an animated scene.


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Rotoscoping has been used in a variety of ways to realize a filmmaker's vision.

For Reference Rotoscoping

When Walt Disney adopted the technique for his company, he gained a new perspective on this computer-generated artwork. Disney didn’t simply trace over a character’s movements; instead, it used the live-action movie to get a sense of it. It can be seen in a number of Disney films, including the first totally animated film from the studio, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Prince Charming’s movements and other dance sequences in the film were rotoscoped from the actual video.

Partial Rotoscoping

The idea of Rotoscoping has been embraced throughout time by numerous VFX teams and animators, who commonly use it to flexibly apply it to varied animated materials. Animators may use caricatures to improve live-action footage while rotoscoping a human-like animation, for example, to emphasize the variations in size between animated characters and real-life humans. This could preserve the cartoon’s aesthetic while resulting in more convincing movement.

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